How To Set an Intention For Your Mala

The original collection of malas have 216 (108x2) beads, plus a smaller dividing bead and a larger guru bead. Although the beads are too small to meditate with (the 108 collection is more appropriate for a meditation tool), they are incredibly powerful sparkly little pieces to set an intention into.

I always share my personal mala intention story during the mala making workshops I hold. My sweet mother-in-law gave me a beautiful wooden bead mala a few years ago that she bought in Thailand. It was right around the time I was new to teaching yoga. It was a time I was searching for my voice, both in teaching and in the world. The intent I set at first was simply to “find my voice.” Simple. Ha, not at all! A large feat for a set of wooden beads.

It took me a while to realize that setting an intent into the Universe to find my voice implied I had either lost my voice, or had no voice! It implied lack. I dug a little deeper. I searched my soul for what it really was I was after. Self-confidence. Loud and clear. So instead of setting the intent as “gain more self-confidence,” (again, implying lacking self-confidence) I set it as “I am confident.” I am confident. I am confident!

This awakened manner of transformation has been the most effective spiritual tool I have put into practice in my own life. Putting the message out to the world and the Universe that we already are that which we seek is a very powerful technique. The practice of living a mindful life becomes awakening to what we already are, and halting the search outside ourselves. We are that which we seek. We are that which we seek. We are that which we seek.

As you set your own intent, use the following guidelines:

 - Do any of the words in your intent imply lack? How can you rephrase the intent to be one of empowerment?

 - Instead of the intent being something concrete or material, can you phrase it to be one of feeling? Example…instead of saying “I want a promotion at work,” phrase it as “I work with integrity and am always open to abundance in my workplace.” This gives room for the concrete end result to be almost anything at all while still leaving room for abundance.

 - Don’t ever be afraid to dream big. You are worthy of all your heart’s desires. The only thing that limits any of us is our own ideas of what we are capable of.

 - Have fun – and stay open to this wild life!

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