About the Pieces

Every dream starts with an intention to do something different, create something new or make a change somewhere in our life.  That intention evolves into our destiny. Check in.  What dream of yours needs a little attention, a little love?

Set your intent into your Live Your Truth mala. All LYT malas and jewelry are made locally in Fort Worth, Texas.  The beads are sourced from Bali, Indonesia, Nepal, New Mexico and beyond. 

A traditional mala has 108 beads, or some iteration of that number. Less common, but still appropriate, is a 72 bead mala. At LYT, we use 72 beads due to the 10mm size of the beads. Let it be a holy piece for you, make it yours.

I personally create each mala. It is truly a meditative experience to create one and you will feel the magic in each piece. Each piece has healing qualities specific to the materials used.

When your mala arrives, set an intention for it to bring to focus the power of the piece. When not in use, keep your mala in the linen bag it comes with. If your mala needs a cleansing, leave it in the sunshine for a few hours for complete renewal.