About LYT

Live Your Truth jewelry was born out of a desire to combine the spiritual and the sparkly, yoga and fashion, earthiness and other-worldliness.

I grew up with a passion for the fashion industry. This passion led to modeling, and after college this lead to taking seat as a booking agent at the beloved agency I was a part of. Leaving the industry and what I coined as my "dream job" in 2009 was tough, but moving our family from Arizona to Texas was in the stars for us and was one of the best changes we ever made.

I never thought I'd find a career I loved more than the one I left, but as usual when I try to play fortune teller, I was so wrong. Teaching yoga has fulfilled what I thought I had lost, and moved me light years past any place I thought I would ever be. Not just me, but everyone I encounter on this healing path would say the same.

I'd been making Buddhist-inspired jewelry since high school but never pieces I actually wanted to wear. As we learn on this ever changing path of life, asking questions like "what do I want out of this world?" and "am I living a life for myself, or am I living a life others want me to lead?" can move mountains. It led to, of course, the question "if I don't want to wear these creations I pour so much time into, what would I want to wear?" That question, plus a serendipitous request from a dear friend to modify her existing mala, showed me everything I needed to know.

We don't need to leave behind fashion to teach or practice yoga. We don't need to just be spiritual OR sparkly, and we can all definitely be at once earth mamas (or papas) and celestial sisters (or brothers). That beautiful dichotomy is really what life is all about...isn't it?